Aadesh Shrivastava

Solvig - the voice from Berlin

Since age 4 the multitalented performer graces the stage.In addition to her work in theater and film she calls music and poetry her "elixir of life" and singing and words her way of "breathing". And she continues to leave her mark and touch people with voice and sound even on an international stage.

Social awareness and the protection of the environment have long played an important role in her music. This is once more expressed in the song caleidoscope "Globalization Saga", a musical which Solvig composed based on a script by future scientist Prof.Dr.Dr. Franz J. Rademacher and produced with her own company "Elfe Music". The music is a melting pot of modern sounds and classical orchestra lines with a native vibe. With a wide range of ancestors coming from diverse places like the cold north of Europe to the Mediterranean Solvig´s music is a caladeiscope of the cultures of the world. The name Solvig means "the way of the sun".

The latest Co-production with Bollywood star Aadesh Shrivastava will mark its world premier on September 21st 2005 at Rotes Rathaus, the administirve office of the mayor of Berlin, during the "Asia-Pacific-Weeks". The event will also be hosted by the entertainer.


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