21.04. bis 03.05 . 2007


Solvig in Swiss television SF2, tv programme: "Konsum TV” to find also in the Internet. The singer ans moderator Solvig is in “work vacation” in Switzerland. Shortly pictures and suggestions what that meens for Solvig.

 29. 6. bis 12. 7. 2006


Final plan for new maxi-cd with 4 sogs in hindi/english mix. Meetings with producers, musicians and filmmakers for big show in Goa (end of 2006) as well as for the new music video.










Delhi - Bombay


Further preparations for the new music album on which  Solvig sings in English under processing of Indian impressions with select language and tonal influences. In meetings with musicians, producers and sponsors ideas and concepts for the Indian market and the tour will be worked out.







We keep you informed.

23.-28.11. 2005
Music Session: Solvig goes to india

Solvig fulfills herself a courageous dream at the end of the year 2005. She accepts the offer of an important Indian company. 7 musicians therefore travel from the subcontinent India to Berlin to prepare a music production in the partner sound studio of Elfe-Music, Solvig's label, which wants to conquer Bollywood. Special coaches teach the cosmopolitan singer the phonetics of the Indian language Hindi. Solvig says "it is a melodic, beautiful sounding language", and works to breathe new life into the old "spirituals" by modern Sounds. This dream is made sound in following Private Session with up to 20 musicians from Dehli and Bombay. Because good things need a little longer and quite a number of airplanes and rickshaws also must be taken up besides creativity, a planning and action time period is envisaged by the end of 2006 for single, debut album, music video and tour.


We keep you informed.

Aadesh Shrivastava

Solvig - the voice from Berlin



Since age 4 the multitalented performer graces the stage.In addition to her work in theater and film she calls music and poetry her "elixir of life" and singing and words her way of "breathing". And she continues to leave her mark and touch people with voice and sound even on an international stage.

Social awareness and the protection of the environment have long played an important role in her music. This is once more expressed in the song caleidoscope "Globalization Saga", a musical which Solvig composed based on a script by future scientist Prof.Dr.Dr. Franz J. Rademacher and produced with her own company "Elfe Music". The music is a melting pot of modern sounds and classical orchestra lines with a native vibe. With a wide range of ancestors coming from diverse places like the cold north of Europe to the Mediterranean Solvig´s music is a caladeiscope of the cultures of the world. The name Solvig means "the way of the sun".


The latest Co-production with Bollywood star Aadesh Shrivastava will mark its world premier on September 21st 2005 at Rotes Rathaus, the administirve office of the mayor of Berlin, during the "Asia-Pacific-Weeks". The event will also be hosted by the entertainer.



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