Musical career




from age 4  

first stage appearance


from age 7  

education in piano and theory



from age 10  

singing lessons



from age 12  

and choir solo performer, singing in groups



from age 16  

successful performances throughout Germany



First CD single with the song titles, "Drei Herzen im Spiel" and "SOS – ein Herz in Flammen," successfully played on radio and television



Sampler, "Hautnah," hit song, "Sie weint um Dich"



CD, "Stop that Girl," creation of the "Solvig Dance Project" (with 2-4 white and black professional dancers), supporting act for D. J. Bobo, Captain Hollywood, etc.




CD, "She's on a trip" for the youth musical, "Werden Träume wahr!" (“Let dreams
come true!”)



Tour throughout Germany; stays abroad



Solvig solo CD, "Musical highlights von A. Ll. Webber," Distinguishing of the German pop group, SOLVIG.



Completion of the new CD, "Grenzenlos," work out of a new show profile



Musikalische Projekte

  • Work on the commissioned single, "You can believe"
  • Video production on Rügen and in Italy
  • Première at the international scientific conference for EXPO 2000 in Hanover, "The Promise of the European Way," on October 4, 2000, as well as screenings on a public large-scale video display 
  • CD "Schmetterlinge im Bauch" came out in all the Schlecker branches in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. On the sampler there was in addition to Rosenstolz, Pe Werner, among others, the new song exclusively produced by Elfe Music called "Ich gehör zu Dir"
  • Song for the company Evora cosmeticsrbeit


  • Schloss Cecilienhof, Potsdam
  • Casino Rangsdorf, Weihnachtsfest
  • Schultheiss Brauerei Berlin grosses Hoffest
  • Bad Sassendorf, Kurhausball
  • Löwenberg, Stadtfeier
  • Bad Saarow, Theater am See
  • Perleberg, Stadtfeier
  • Angermünde, Gewerbeparkfest
  • Stuttgart, Firmenfeier
  • Hamburg, Firmenjubiläum
  • Strausberg, Konzert am See, usw.

Exhibition appearance 2000/ 2001

  • Popkomm Köln
  • IFA, Berlin z.B. BB-Radio
  • Show- und Eventmesse, Stuttgart
  • AAA, Hall of Fame, Berlin
  • ITB Berlin



Musikalische Projekte

  • HMI-Direktion Berlin Bahntag,
  • 2001 Vienna,
  • EU workshop and event, "The Challenge of the Digital Divide",
  • Song project for the "Förderkreis für Künstlerische Jugendarbeit" Composition and label release of the song "Wir-Kinder" for the "Deutsche Kinderhilfe Direkt e. V.", date of publication December, 2001.
  • Song for REWE, received the REWE award
  • Popkomm, Cologne
  • IFA, Berlin, e.g.,
  • BB-Radio Show and event convention,
  • Stuttgart AAA,
  • Hall of Fame, Berlin
  • ITB, Berlin



  • Video screenings, e.g., Athens, World-Energy Conference
  • Salzburg,  Conference of a group of Austrian Raiffeisen banks
  • Potsdam, convention of the Friedrich Naumann Foundation
  • New song production from August 26 to September 4, 2002: "Rio + 10 World Summit," Johannesburg, South Africa; Musical and video presentation at the German State Department site in the “Ubuntu Village.”
  • August 31: Goethe Institute, Johannesburg; “You Can Believe," as opening film for the award presentation, "Future-Online Award" for Sustainable Development with Prof. Dr. K. Töpfer and WDR.  



  • June 5 to July 16  Exhibiton „focus nature
  • pictures of biodiversity projects“ from GTZ and „GEO“, Federal office of Germany . Video screenings „Woman around the earth and „You can believe“ are a part of the public exhibition  
  • September 21  - opening film and live perfomance for the international conferenz „Digital Earth“, Brno/Tschechien  
  • 16. -19.10.2003 Stargast  beim Festakt der europäischen  Konferenz „VIII. Kroatisches Forum“, Zagreb  
  • 25.10.2003 Trilogie of Musik, Future and Leather Premiere music- and fashionshow of two berlin “Enfant Terribles”, Singer SOLVIG  leatherdesigner  Daniel RODAN,  with television from Berlin



  • January 24 to 29, participation MIDEM, Musikexhibition) Cannes/France
  • March 2004 „Oh Mother Afrika“ (from „The Globalisation Saga“ as videopräsentation, Event with south african embassy and “Galeria Kaufhof” and for the in the “Kulturbrauerei”, Berlin
  • April 10, Solvig sing the national anthems of Germany and USA, box fight for the world championship, with TV
  • July, videopräsentation from „The Globalisation Saga”, Event: “Global Marshall Plan” Düsseldorf, Germany
  • August, supporting role in a new film for german cinema 2005
  • September 12, videopräsentation and live performance “2. berlin-asien-pacific-film-festival”
  • Keen observation of life is characteristic of the songs of Solvig and her team. In 1999, the "Show Grenzenlos" (without border) was created with a CD of the same title, an impressive mixture of profound theatrical songs and energetic animation incorporated in a jazz dance performance, completed by a sophisticated light choreography and pyrotechnics. The productions of Solvig and her song and stage team are often characterized by an ingenious quoting of classical elements, for example, from Mozart and Shakespeare, and a combination of traditional and modern elements. This comes into effect in the kaleidoscope of songs of the "Globalization Saga," particularly in the merging of modern sounds with classical orchestra lines, and influences of native elements modeled on typical national music and of the various styles of singing. A special feature is the multilingualism of the refrains and of individual passages, which come from various countries and in several languages like Hindi, Italian, IsiZulu, Latin and Portuguese.



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